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Mari Silbey wrote over at Zatz Not Funny that she wanted an Android TV box because the ability to get any Android app on her TV is something she’d really like (as would many of us who use Android).

All I can say is just wait, as I think that’s likely the future of Google’s efforts for TV and you’ll like see many more devices (both boxes and smart TVs) in the future based on Android.

Everything I’m hearing out of those in the TV space is that Google is going to essentially de-emphasize Google TV in favor of Android over time, particularly around the rollout of version 4 of Google TV (at which time it becomes more of a library offering for Android rather than the main stack).

Why? In part because Google had too many offerings and its partners were frustrated, and also because I think it’s own management saw too much duplication of effort. While Andy Rubin has moved on from running Android, my understanding was last year he got frustrated with all the disjointed Google efforts around TV, feeling there were too many variants, and started to push for some streamlining.

So what will you see in the future? Probably less of Google trying to force a certain UI and remote control requirements, while offering more of a straightforward Android offering (but also offering Google TV UI’s as an option). There will be spotlight sections for TV optimized apps, but again, I think over time you’ll see Google TV start to fade and the main push by Google in TV will be Android. 

My take is this is a good direction. For those that have written off Google in the TV space, I think they’ll be surprised by how much traction they get in time. 

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